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17-year-old driver who lost his legs in an accident and dreams of running again

17-year-old driver who lost his legs in an accident and dreams of running again

British Formula 4 driver Billy Monger was the star of one of the most shocking crashes in the category. The 17-year-old was climbing positions when he ran into Patrik Pasma’s vehicle, which was stopped in the middle of the track.
The accident left both pilots in the hospital, with the detail that Monger was conscious for more than two hours inside the vehicle while he was rescued. The pain that this caused forced the paramedics to sedate the runner in order to remove him from the vehicle.
On Wednesday the JHR Development team reported: “After one of the most horrible accidents ever seen in a race, both of Billy’s legs have sadly been amputated. This incident has changed his life.
Team leader Steven Hunter, for his part, gave encouraging news: “Billy is breathing on his own and talking, to some degree.”
In addition, Hunter said that Billy’s dream is to return to driving with an adapted steering wheel: “He is aware of his injuries. He is positive in this situation, he is sitting thinking how to use a clutch with his hands.
The family has opened a page to donate money and collaborate with the 17-year-old. In less than 24 hours, the site has already raised more than $ 800,000. Among the Formula 1 drivers who collaborated with the cause, the name of Jenson Button stands out, who donated more than USD 19,000. (Infobae)

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