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50 Cent challenges Floyd Mayweather

The hip hop singer, 50 Cents, challenged Floyd Mayweather Jr. in a very peculiar and different way than the Ice Bucket Challenge.
The musician uploaded some videos to his instagram account. In the first it seemed that he was going to perform the normal challenge, but he threw the water with ice and threw himself against the boxer.
“Floyd you will accept my ALS / ESL Challenge: I will donate 750 thousand dollars to any charity you want, if you read a full page of the Harry Potter book, without mistakes and without stopping.”
The singer’s challenge came after the boxer stated the following to
“God has blessed me with incredible talent, with quick feet, quick hands, great defense and a great, great mind, for that I am thankful. Sure, hip hop artists come and go, but I’m still here ”.
Mayweather Jr. and 50 Cents were friends and partners, but after a still unknown problem, the two broke up the friendship. (Courtesy Univisión).

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