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76ers players could miss several games due to “COVID-19”

Several players on the Philadelphia 76ers roster are expected to miss multiple games due to contact tracing for COVID-19, ESPN reported.

Several members of the roster were in close contact with Seth Curry, who tested positive after being tested on Thursday. The team learned of the positive from the point guard in the previous game against the Brooklyn Nets. Curry, who had been tagged out for a sore left ankle, spent the first quarter on the bench before the 76ers learned of the positive. The player was at all times with his mask, sitting next to Joel Embiid and assistant Sam Cassell.

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At the moment, the name of the players involved is unknown as well as the result of the other tests carried out. Surely, all the information will be revealed shortly. The 76ers’ next game is set for this Saturday, with the Denver Nuggets as their rival.

What we do know are the possible repercussions that there may be: a quarantine of at least a week, as Kevin Durant is currently doing after close contact with a positive for coronavirus. In addition, if the number of available troops does not reach eight players, the scheduled matches could be suspended.

Without a doubt, an important setback for some 76ers who had started the season at a good level and who currently have the best record in the entire league. (GG) (NBA Maniacs)

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