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A Boxing Glory Changed Sex: “I Was Born In The Wrong Body”

Frank Maloney confessed in an interview with a British newspaper after keeping his secret for years. Is that Maloney grew up in a very masculine world: boxing, where it may be difficult to make a similar situation transparent.
The truth is that one of the boxing legends changed his name. Now she should call her “Kellie” because, as she pointed out, “I was born in the wrong body and I’ve always known it was a woman.” As a boxing promoter, Maloney took Lennox Lewis to the top of glove sport in 1992, keeping him on top for ten hard-fought years.
Now, “Kellie” Maloney is in the process of gender change, as he told The Mirror newspaper in an interview published today. «I cannot continue living in the shadows and that is why I am doing it. Living longer with this burden would have killed me, “he said.
«What was a mistake at birth has now been rectified by medicine. I have a female brain. I knew it from the minute I was able to compare myself to other children, ”Maloney said. Lewis also referred to the change his former guide faced: “In the world we live in, not everything is so clear or black and white, and after having lived in the boxing fraternity I can imagine how difficult it had to be to Kellie.
The former champion added: “After reading Kellie’s statements, I have a better understanding of what she and others in similar situations have had to go through. I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to live life in the way that they find harmony and inner peace.
Maloney has been undergoing various treatments to be a woman for some time. From hormones to prevent hair growth in various areas of the body, to work on the voice. “I thought I could earn enough money to one day be able to disappear and live a completely estranged new life as a woman without anyone bothering me,” said the boxing legend.
In 2004, Maloney ran for a candidacy for a right-wing party and had made unfortunate statements against the gay community. “I’m not homophobic, but let’s live a moral life in public.”

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