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A connected ball that measures the hit to the basket thanks to technology

A connected ball that measures the hit to the basket thanks to technology

The technology of objects connected to computer applications also reaches sport, making it possible for a basketball player to practice with a ball that recognizes if he hits or misses a shot and saves the statistics of his hits in a mobile application.
The system, called ‘Make / Miss Technology’, uses a small sensor inside the basketball that recognizes how the shot has been, if it has entered the basket or not, if it has bounced off the board or from where it has been shot. A device developed by the American manufacturer Wilson for its ‘Wilson X Connected’ ball.

“We have put a very powerful and incredibly small sensor inside the ball, and this sensor connects via ‘Bluetooth’ technology to the Wilson X app on the player’s phone or tablet. The sensor collects the movements of the ball and shows how the effectiveness of the player in the shot changes ”, explains Bob Thurman, Wilson’s vice president of innovation to EFE.
In this way, the ball recognizes all the types of throws that a player can make, always at a distance greater than 2.13 meters from the ring and counts them so that in the mobile application the user has a record of how he has improved. his aim to the basket.
“Another advantage of this technology for the player is that he can see from which areas of the court he misses shots and where he needs to work more,” adds Thurman, who assures that several American professional and university players use it on a regular basis.
Thinking of the basketball fan, this American company, supplier of the International Basketball Federation in the 3 × 3 ‘Global Games’ championships and of the American university league NCAA, has added to the application four shooting modes that allow both practice How to play.
Two of them are ways of controlling the shooting success, from any area or from the free throw line; but two others are designed so that the player has the feeling of being in a match, either in a time trial mode or against a virtual opponent.
The application incorporates music and sound effects that imitate the ambient sound of a court, and even a series of phrases from a sports commentator, which are added to the statistics that are saved on the success of the player.
“This ball came from the idea of ​​creating the atmosphere of a big game on the street, in the park or in a school,” explains Thurman, who sees this idea as part of a process that traditional sport has to go through to improve how industry in a digital environment.
“My team is in charge of imagining how traditional sports are played today. The connected balls in basketball or soccer are a way that we have to take advantage of the advances of the digital world “, concludes the representative of Wilson.
The ball can be purchased in Spain through the specialized digital store ’24Segons’. EFE

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