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A new miracle for Alonso, which will be out seventh tomorrow

A new miracle for Alonso, which will be out seventh tomorrow
From missing in action to reappearing in his McLaren in no time. This is how the Spanish Fernando Alonso, double world champion, has acted, his latest miracle with a car that seemed not to go and, after qualifying for the F1 Spanish GP, no one would say that he is not in a position to finish in the points tomorrow after the race in Montmeló.

Alonso will start seventh tomorrow, behind the three leading teams that seem unattainable (Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull). But before reaching this joy, yesterday he experienced his particular ordeal: he left the first batch on Friday again dejected.
Not one return to the Barcelona-Catalunya Circuit and his car had to be towed away while coolant and oil dripped on the floor. He went to play paddle tennis to maintain his physical tone and, as the pilot himself said, not to be lying in the ‘motorhome’ watching his rivals on TV.
In the afternoon they fitted him with a new engine, after the one in the morning finished leaking, and after 21 laps in the second free practice session, the Asturian returned to dawn with his machine to complete the third session without any apparent problem. Nobody expected that Alonso was going to resurrect after four grands prix without finishing a single race and even less that the praise of the crowds would come out at the end of Q3.
Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) returned to take the ‘pole’, the third time this course, but aside from the new pulse between the German team and Ferrari, Alonso appeared with his own light in the middle of this routine between the two roosters, not only for sneaking into Q3 for the first time this season, but for finishing seventh, quite a feat, since it actually looks like the roof, because above it the three teams that today appear as unattainable (Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull).
The fans have had a good taste in their mouths because of what his idol in Barcelona has given him today, where Alonso always gives a little more. Not in vain, Barcelona is his last victory, already in the distant 2013, when he signed his 32 triumph in F1.
Now it only remains to know if there will be continuity tomorrow in the race. The record of the two-time Spanish champion this year does not invite much; He has not finished a single race and in the last one (Russia) he finished sunk, since his McLaren did not allow him to start the test. A new breakdown left him in the lurch.
Alonso is going through a boiling moment, because in the absence of sensations in F1, he has a race in Indianapolis on the agenda that has returned his joy, the famous 500 Miles, but with what happened today no one doubts that the Asturian tomorrow from the fourth row, just behind the Mexican Checo Pérez (Force India) is going to put the nose in the first big braking before reaching the curve of the straight of the circuit to the Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes.
The reality, perhaps, will be different, after the blows he has suffered this season, and in the previous two, at McLaren and with Honda engines. The British team is currently no one’s rival, and only Alonso’s flashes allow the fan to pay him some attention. Tomorrow Alonso in Barcelona, ​​as he has already warned in the previous days ago, he wants there to be a turning point at his home, and although he will not be in Monaco, he wants the engine to endure, be more competitive and not only start to see the checkered flag in each race, but the podium is not so far away, impossible today.
In the other league, that of the fight for the title, Hamilton’s problems in Russia seem forgotten. In Mercedes, the updates that they have brought to Barcelona have allowed their star driver to return to pole position and they hope that a maxim will be fulfilled on the Spanish track, as it is that starting first gives victory almost by chance; This has happened in thirteen of the races since 2000 in Barcelona.
Hamilton will share the first row tomorrow with the leader of the world championship, the German Sebastian Vettel, after the second miracle of the day has worked in the Ferrari garages this afternoon: the mechanics have changed the engine of the car between the third practice session and Q1. Vettel has taken the car out and it seemed to fail again, but without going into the garage he managed to get it back into operation. In the end, second best time for the German.
Behind the two pilots with the most titles at present, the two seconds of Mercedes and Ferrari, Valtteri Bottas and Kimi Raikkonen, respectively, will try to give the scare that in the case of the first of them he undertook in Russia, where he made a devilish start that It took him to the top position and he ended up winning his first career as an F1 driver.
Red Bull, once again, will play the role of third in contention, although this time the gap with those in front begins to narrow remarkably. Today in Q3, Dutchman Max Verstappen posted a better time five tenths behind Hamilton, and less than three with Raikkonen. A little further away, Australian Daniel Ricciardo was the sixth best driver, just over a second behind the Englishman.
The Mexican Sergio ‘Checo’ Pérez (Force India) has maintained the trend of this start of the season and, in addition to entering Q3, he is presented as one of the drivers to finish between the points, as he has done in all the races this season. His eighth place in Q3, leaving behind Alonso, opens a new opportunity for him to be in the group to fight for points.
Madrid’s Carlos Sainz Jr (Toro Rosso) has had less fortune in qualifying, who has not been able to reach Q3, a run that he has only run once this season (Australia). However, Sainz’s performances were more remarkable on race day (he scored in three of the four grands prix) than on qualifying day.
The fifth round of the F1 World Championship will be run tomorrow at the Barcelona-Catalunya Circuit (4’655 kilometers) at 2:00 p.m., in which the pilots will have to do 66 laps of the track (307 kilometers). EFE

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