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A Scotsman, first person to face the Mongolian Rally in an electric car

A Scotsman, first person to face the Mongolian Rally in an electric car

Scottish adventurer and car enthusiast Chris Ramsey faces the challenges of being the first person to compete in the Rally Mongolia, a demanding test in which pilots drive from London to Ulan Ude, in southeastern Russia, in an electric car.

“Our goal is to show people that electric vehicles, which in my opinion are the future, have the technology to complete this challenge today,” Ramsey said in an interview with Efe during his stop in the capital of Kazakhstan, Astana.

After starting the rally in London on July 16 and traveling to Astana, site of the Expo 2017 dedicated to renewable energy, the adventurer said that the real difficulties began when he left Europe in his Nissan Leaf.

“One of my challenges on this journey is finding charging points. In Europe we have a huge charging infrastructure, but in Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan they do not have it, so we depend on the kindness and hospitality of the people to allow us to charge at their homes, businesses or restaurants ”, explained the Scotsman. .

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However, after arriving in Kazakhstan, Ramsey had an easier life thanks to the collaborations he created before the rally, including that of the state oil and gas company KazMunayGas and the national postal service KazPost.

“We have cargo partners in Kazakhstan, KazMunayGas is one of them. We have stopped at several of their service stations and they have installed electric vehicle charging points for us. We also have KazPost as a partner, so when we spend the night in villages, we use their facilities to charge through a normal 220-volt socket, “said the adventurer.

“They have made going through Kazakhstan much easier for us,” he added.

Ramsey is passionate about electric cars and in 2011 created Plug In Adventures, a project that seeks to promote such vehicles.

Before facing the Rally From Mongolia, he traveled from his hometown of Aberdeen to all three UK capitals (about 2,900 km) in four days in 2012, and made his way from Edinburgh to Monte Carlo and vice versa in 2016.

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“With Plug In Adventures it is important that the public can see what I am doing and be inspired. I want to change their perception in a way that inspires them, ”commented the Scotsman.

Ramsey firmly believes that electric cars are not only the future, but also the present, a thinking that stems from environmental and economic reasons.

“Electric vehicles have a higher starting price than gasoline cars, but lower operating costs,” argued Ramsey, who now saves the nearly $ 1,000 he says he spent every two years on his old gasoline car.

‘Electricity is much cheaper than fuel in most countries. From London to Astana I have spent 85 euros ”, said the Scotsman as another advantage.

Ramsey says the downside to electric cars was their range, but now “Nissan is launching a 400-kilometer-range car and Tesla cars can reach 500 kilometers.”

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The adventurer further reflected on his future plans, once he has completed his current challenge.

“The Rally Mongolia is a test bed for the ’80 Day Race ‘of 2019, which is a zero emissions race that travels the world in 80 days and in which I want to participate, “he revealed.

After the interview, the Scotsman enjoyed Astana and Expo 2017, where his car was displayed and loaded in the UK Pavilion.

“This is not just to have an amazing adventure and enjoy the beauty of Kazakhstan. It is also to show that with the cargo infrastructure and our skills, it is possible to cross this part of the world, “concluded Ramsey.

Expo Astana 2017, which discusses the importance of moving towards a global energy system increasingly based on renewable energy, will continue until September 10 in the capital of the Central Asian country. EFE

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