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According to his daughter, Pelé is ready to leave ICU

According to his daughter, Pelé is ready to leave ICU

The ‘King’ Pelé is “ready” to leave the intensive care unit of the São Paulo hospital where he is recovering from surgery to remove a suspicious tumor, one of his daughters wrote on a social network on Monday along with a photo in which he He sees the legendary Brazilian ex-footballer smiling.
“He is recovering well from the surgery. He is without pain, in a good mood (He is a little irritated because he can only eat jelly, but he will get over it !!) “, said Kely Nascimento jokingly on his Instagram account.
In addition, he said that Pele, 80, is “ready to leave the ICU and go soon, soon home.”
In an English version of the same message, Kely explained that the Brazilian soccer idol will be moved to a common room “in a day or two, and then he will go home.”
The image of an apparent video call with his daughter shows Pelé with a half smile and a cheerful gesture.
“He is strong and stubborn,” he added. “And with the help of all the incredible team of (the Israeli Albert Hospital) Einstein, in addition to all the love, energy and light that the world is sending, it will come out of this!”, Kely Nascimento completed in the message in which also appreciated the support.
The last part of the medical center that treats him dates from Friday, when it was reported that Edson Arantes do Nascimento, Pelé, was undergoing a “satisfactory” recovery, in a “conscious” state, actively talking and maintaining normal vital signs.
‘O Rei’ underwent surgery on Saturday September 4 to remove a “suspicious lesion in the colon” detected during a routine check-up.
Although on Monday after the surgery the doctors assured that they expected to transfer him the day after to a room, Pelé still remains in the ICU.
In his last social media post on Friday, the three-time world champion said: “My friends, every day that passes I feel a little better. I’m looking forward to playing again, but I’m still going to recover for a few more days. ” (AFP)

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