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Adrián Beltré achieved immortality with Texas Rangers

Adrián Beltré achieved immortality with Texas Rangers

Adrián Beltré is one of the best players that Major League Baseball (MLB) has seen pass directly from the Dominican Republic to the world, being a legend in Texas Rangers, so much so that he earned the right to be immortal.

Precisely, the Texan organization decided to elevate the Dominican’s legacy to the next level after announcing that he will be part of the team’s Hall of Fame and of course? If what he did in the best baseball in the world will hardly be repeated.

Adrián Beltré’s ceremony will take place next August, specifically the 14th prior to the Texas Rangers game to show all the love that the organization has for him, as well as the respect and admiration that he earned through hard work.

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Adrián Beltré had an excellent career in the Major Leagues, managing to inscribe his name in the historical books after connecting 3,166 hits, entering the select club of 3,000 with all honors. In fact, of those almost 3,200 hits, the Dominican added 1,277 to his account with the Texas Rangers jersey. (Bolavip)

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