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AIBA will insist on bringing professionals to the Olympic Games, assures Bisbal

AIBA will insist on bringing professionals to the Olympic Games, assures Bisbal
Osvaldo Bisbal, vice president of the International Association of Boxing (AIBA), assured today that the world organization will not change its decision to bring professionals to the Olympic Games because a person threatens the fighters.
“We are not going to go back with the programs because someone threatens a boxer, the threats are the responsibility of whoever says them, we do not threaten and we leave the doors open to the fighters,” said the Argentine in reference to the president of the Council World of Boxing (CMB), Mauricio Sulaimán.
At a press conference during a recess of the Assembly of the Pan American Confederation of Boxing He directs, Bisbal regretted that the WBC banned its top fighters from seeking a place in the Olympics last year and said he did not understand the reason for Sulaiman’s anger.
“We do not want to bother anyone, if a boxer wants to stay in the World Council we are going to applaud him, but we are going to leave the doors open,” he said.
Referring to Mauricio Sulaimán, the leader recalled that he was a friend of his father José Sulaimán, who led the Council for more than 30 years, and it is not possible to speak of a rapprochement with the CMB leader because they are not far apart.
«In fact, next week I think we are going to meet in an informal meeting; when his father was president I would go to his house and he would go around young man; There is no distancing, if I call him he will answer me and if he calls I will answer him, he is a reasonable man and we can work together “, he said.
The Assembly of the Pan American Confederation ratified the celebration next June in Tegucigalpa of the continental Championship and began to organize the selectives for the main competitions of 2018, the Central American and Caribbean Games of Barranquilla, the South American Games of Cochabamba and the Youth Olympic Games of Buenos Aires, with venues to be decided.EFE
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