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Albert Pujols becomes a free agent and receives millionaire pay for his dismissal

Albert Pujols becomes a free agent and receives millionaire pay for his dismissal

A week after the Los Angeles Angels announced his departure from the institution, after nine seasons in Major League Baseball (MLB), Dominican first baseman Albert Pujols has officially become a free agent and has approved the waivers.

This was announced by insider Ken Rosenthal, from The Athletic, who clarified that, from this moment on, the player will be able to sign for any Major League Baseball franchise for the remainder of this season.

But it will not be the only thing, because in addition Pujols will begin to receive a juicy payment of money from the Angels, for the rest of the contract that he must cancel, which amounts to $ 30 million dollars, less the prorated portion of the minimum of the league.

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Pujols will receive a millionaire payment from the Angels

While he fixes his sports situation, regarding where he is going to continue his career, there are two teams that might be interested in signing him, the best known being the St. Louis Cardinals, where he won two World Series, six Silver Bats and three Player Plus awards. Valuable.

Los Angeles Angels players’ reaction to the firing of Albert Pujols
The other team in which Pujols is sounding is the Kansas City Royals, whose bond focuses on his professional relationship with the current manager of the team, Mike Matheny, in addition to his personal ties through his studies at a community college in the state of Missouri.

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Pujols’ future in MLB

Further back appear other options, but they are to a lesser extent, such as the Chicago White Sox, due to the relationship that the Dominican had with current manager Tony La Russa, who led him in the Cardinals in his first decade in the Major Leagues, in addition to Washington Nationals and Cleveland Indians.

Up until the time he was fired from the Angels, Pujols had a .198 / .250 / .372 batting line with 17 hits, five home runs, nine runs scored and 21 RBIs. (GG) (Bolavip)

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