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Albert Pujols did not agree to be a bench in the Angels

Albert Pujols did not agree to be a bench in the Angels

The manager and general manager of the Anaheim Angels broke the silence on Albert Pujols in MLB-Major League Baseball.

After the players and the media said that the Anaheim Angels did not give Albert Pujols the best way out of that organization, the reasons for those circumstances came to light.

The first thing they made clear is that “Albert Pujols intends to continue playing.”

The team president said “He wants to play first base every day.” While Joe Maddon called Albert Pujols proud for not agreeing to be benched in the MLB-Major League Baseball, he doesn’t get used to it. “He doesn’t want to bench, he’s proud.”

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Multiple MLB players have reacted to the bad way in which that future member of the Anaheim Angels’ team hall of fame had to leave, that is why they had to go before the press to talk about how it happened and why they took said decision. (GG) (Fielding)

Here the video:

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