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Albert Pujols sets 2021 MLB Postseason record

Albert Pujols sets 2021 MLB Postseason record

At such a difficult time for the Los Angeles Dodgers, who were playing a game of life or death against the Atlanta Braves, for the National League Championship Series, Albert Pujols helped his team continue in the 2021 Major League Baseball Postseason ( MLB).

With his 41 years behind him, he appeared four times at bat, and in three of them he left his mark for the 2020 World Series champion to close the gap on the aggregate, taking the victory in the fifth game 11-2 and take the key back to Georgia.

On his first turn, in the second inning, Pujols singled to left field; then, in the third, a shot pumped to the right; and then, in his last step, in the fifth inning he walked; enough for the Dodgers to win.

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Albert Pujols Makes 2021 MLB Postseason History

Thanks to the two hits that he connected in the fifth game of the National League Championship Series, the Caribbean man got his match with more than one hit in Postseason number 28, equaling his friend and compatriot Yadier for fifth place of all time. Molina.

One more achievement for Pujols’ storied career, which according to his teammates in the Dodgers has managed to improve and change the atmosphere of the team, and which questioned the continuity of his career in MLB, in case they fail to reach the Clásico de Fall. (Bolavip)

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