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Albert Pujols with a beautiful gesture of giving a bat with which he hit a child

Albert Pujols with a beautiful gesture of giving a bat with which he hit a child

Albert Pujols made a great gesture by gifting a small Los Angeles Dodgers fan with a bat in the middle of the MLB season.

After giving a one-run RBI single against the San Francisco Giants, Albert Pujols was replaced by a faster running back, since, they were in the eighth inning, when he entered the dugout he shook hands with all his teammates and saw like a child he wanted to shake his hand, he went and patted him and on top of that he went and took with the bat with which he had hit a single and gave it to him in front of his parents.

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There is no doubt that this was an unforgettable day for both the child and the parents of the same as well as for fans present when they saw a future member of the Hall of Fame and had the trouble of giving a bat to a small fan.

Here is the video of the single and the gesture by Albert Pujols:

There is no doubt that we are witnessing the era of one of the most charismatic players both on and off the field, since as he is one of the players who has been most concerned about the childhood of many children in different countries and especially with delicate diseases that not everyone can try.

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Since Albert Pujols got to both and is playing literally daily, since I got injured and the momentary second baseman is Max Muncy, while rookie Gavin Lux moves to shortstop, and Pujols defends first base; You have to remember that there is no designated hitter in the National League. (GG) (Fielding)

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