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Alejandra Jiménez wins the heavyweight belt

Mexican Alejandra Jiménez won the World Boxing Council (WBC) heavyweight belt today by defeating Mexican American Martha “Shadow” Salazar by decision at the Arena Oasis in Cancun.
With good combinations and accuracy in his hitting, Jiménez took advantage from the start of the evening’s stellar fight “Heavy Power” and at the end of the third round he had an advantage on the judges’ scorecards.
Martha Salazar had a good fourth round, but in the fifth the Mexican returned to show superiority by taking advantage of the exchanges.
In the eighth it was even; Salazar tried to regain ground and led the offense, however he neglected defense and Jiménez made some good hits.
The duel maintained a good rhythm in the finals with the two tired rivals looking to close well; “Tigre” Jiménez received several blows to the left eye, which ended up very inflamed, but still knew how to finish well and won the victory with votes in favor of 96-94 and 98-93 and a 95-95 draw.
It was the sixth win without losses for Alejandra, and the fifth setback, with 13 wins for Martha Salazar.

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