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Alonso do not want to take stock of his career at Ferrari

Alonso do not want to take stock of his career at Ferrari

The Spanish driver Fernando Alonso, two-time Formula One world champion, affirmed this Thursday at the Hungaroring, the scene of the Greater Hungary this weekend, that having fought for the title in two of those seasons “can never be considered a negative balance ».
F1“In the years that I have been here, I have not reached the title, but I think that in the four years that I have been here at the moment, I have fought for the world championship. In some laps of the last race he was even world champion. I think that can never be considered a negative balance, “said Alonso at the Hungaroring.
“I have had the opportunity to do that, and this year I personally feel at the top of the track. I think each year has been a little better than the last. Maybe 2012 was the peak of form, because everything turned out perfect. We even fought for the World Cup, as I say, until the last race with a car that seemed impossible, “he added.
Alonso believes that “last year was also very good, but 2012 was still a step above”, and believes that this 2014 “is at the level of 2012, at the top.”
«On the track I have felt comfortable; We do not have the benefits to fight for the victories, but also compared to my partner, who has the same car, I think I have rarely felt like this, “he said in a statement published by the website ‘’.
And he adds that off the track this season he is having “a lot more work than other years.” “With the new rules I have been practically all day in the simulator; I’ve also been working with Pedro (de la Rosa), sharing a program, one on the track and the other on the simulator, and vice versa. I have spent more time in Italy, more time with the team… Therefore, I think it has been an implication in 2014 that I have never had, ”he said.
Regarding the prospects for 2015, Alonso said: «Nobody can know one hundred percent what is going to happen next year. You need a crystal ball to ask him and see how the races are going to go next year.
«Therefore, rather than waiting or dreaming, you have to work and get things done. We have to improve every race this year and we have to improve in every area of ​​the team where we are not good enough. And to arrive next year more prepared for the championship than we did this year, in which we are not at the level, especially Mercedes, who have taught us how fast these turbocharged cars can go and in which they now have the reference “, explained Alonso.
Taking stock of the first half of the current season, Alonso said: “It has been a difficult first half for us. There were hopes that the new rules would end Red Bull’s dominance. We were hopeful of the turbo engine, that with the exhausts without blowing the diffuser we could have a bit of an advantage and recover some problems we had aerodynamically ”.
“Red Bull’s dominance is over, but Mercedes has come in with a great job and they are dominating the championship quite easily. So I think the first half of the year has been like this; Defining it is difficult, we had hopes in the new rules, that they would mix the cards a bit and we could have some advantage. And they have been mixed, yes, but we have once again been a step behind, “he added.

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