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Alonso: “I want to be the most complete rider in the world”

Alonso: “I want to be the most complete rider in the world”
The Spanish Fernando Alonso, two-time Formula One world champion, said this Sunday that his desire to compete this year in the Indianapolis 500 is due to a personal desire to be the most complete driver in the world and that for this he must win the triple crown, completed by the 24 Hours of Le Mans.
During a press conference held at Barber Motorsport Park in Birmingham (Alabama, USA), Alonso commented: “I want to grow as a driver, to be the most complete driver. For this, I believe that you have to win the best races in the world, the most prestigious. I have won in Formula One and I want to do it in the Indy500 and in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Get the triple crown, “said Alonso.
“The personal goal is that triple crown. I take that race as my sole objective in IndyCar. I hope to be competitive and get it one day. I am not planning on competing in IndyCar in the future, “said Alonso, who will renounce the Monaco Grand Prix to compete in the 500 Miles.
The Asturian understands that “it is a very ambitious goal and at the same time” very attractive. “I want to do it before I retire from Formula One,” he said.
“Having this opportunity makes me very happy and very proud of my team. For me it is more than an experience. I know it is something complicated, but for the motor world it is good news, “he said about his presence in Indianapolis.
«The Indy500 is the best race in the world. It is a unique test. Whatever the result, I will see what my future is. I want to be the most complete pilot in the world, to win in all the championships. If I don’t win this year, I’ll try again, ”Alonso insisted.
«My ambition and commitment to sport leads me to face this adventure. It is a private ambition. They are my own thoughts. I start from scratch, as a rookie or more than a rookie. I want to enjoy. And I’m ready for it, ”he said.
«I know that if the race were tomorrow, I am not ready yet. I am going to go step by step, day by day … I want to arrive on May 28 as well prepared as possible, “he commented.
About his Indy500 team, McLaren-Adretti, Alonso said: “Andretti is part of motoring history. We have all grown up following these heroes. Being part of this team is a privilege and a pride ”. EFE
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