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Alonso returned to driving an F1, hours after his farewell

Alonso returned to driving an F1, hours after his farewell

Only seventeen hours after contesting his last Formula One race at the Abu Davi circuit, the Spanish driver Fernando Alonso once again drove an F1 prototype in Bahrain.

The double world champion with Renault fulfilled on Monday with one of his last commitments with McLaren this year, exchanging his car with that of the seven-time NASCAR champion, Jimmie Johnson, according to the specialized page Motorsport.

According to plans, Alonso was scheduled to get into Johnson’s NASCAR car, while Johnson would debut in command of an F1 car aboard a 2013 Mercedes-powered McLaren.

However, in a last minute request, the Spaniard asked if he could do a short run with the V8 and made several laps to prepare a base for Johnson, although the exchange between his cars will take place later.

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Fernando Alonso had said that this Monday’s test in Bahrain with a NASCAR car was for fun, but that he did not rule out racing with him in the future.

“It’s pure fun right now,” Alonso said of his options in NASCAR. “But I can’t say 100% that I won’t enjoy it enough to think about having a chance in some competitive environment in the future. Right now it’s pure fun. EFE

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