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Álvaro Cervera: “Right now we are missing a bit of everything in Cádiz, I’m worried”

Álvaro Cervera: “Right now we are missing a bit of everything in Cádiz, I’m worried”

A feeling of great frustration that was reflected on the face of an Álvaro Cervera who recognized that he was “very worried.” The coach was trying to analyze a game in which his team deserved much more but in the end he took a defeat that increases the bad dynamics of the Cadiz team.

Cervera was clear after the clash: «This is football and the one who scores the most goals wins, we have always defended that. We have not had a bad game, today we have played better than against Espanyol where we did not have a bad game either. Our records are of a team that should not lose a game but we have done it for things that did not happen before and now they do.

The coach recalled that “we make mistakes that we shouldn’t make. The game is not bad but the result is very bad. I don’t know about the penalty because I haven’t seen it well but we do something wrong when Alarcón is the one who is going to defend, when a central defender should go. They are mistakes that are paid in the First Division ».

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Why is Cádiz like this? «The team is missing something else, I have it very clear. It is not that the team arrives as it has done today but when it has been done like other games and you arrive, shots, crosses but they are not dangerous centers, the shots are not clean, of course we are missing something. We lack things, we lack a bit of everything, to make a game like today be able to do damage. Not all games are going to be like this, but we really haven’t finished creating danger.

The situation is such that Cádiz could go down on this day. “Right now the whole team worries me because I don’t like being in this situation and we don’t handle ourselves well in this situation.”

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“I am concerned about things that I prefer not to comment on”

Cervera stressed that “we have the team that we have made, we have lacked efficiency at the top because we have done the things that we have to do before scoring a goal. We have done better than other days to get to the goal but we are not a truly top team ».

A play that marked the game. «The penalty marks the game but with the tie at zero maybe they don’t back down so far and we didn’t get that far but a team like ours they mark you after five minutes in a play that is a throw-in with a player backwards. It is not a stone that falls on you, but a slab. For us, any tap right now is a very strong slap ».

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Personally, the coach revealed that «I am angry because we lost and because of the two specific plays. The team is doing well and has not lowered its arms but I am worried about other things that I prefer not to comment on, ”explained the coach without giving more details. (Yellow Channel)

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