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Amazon’s series on the life of Maradona premieres

Amazon’s series on the life of Maradona premieres

A television series that narrates the life of sports idol Diego Maradona opens on Thursday in Argentina, on the eve of its broadcast in the rest of the world and the day that the former soccer player who died in 2020 would turn 61 years old.

Argentina will have a preview of “Blessed Dream”, the Amazon Prime Video series that will be seen from Friday in 250 countries in weekly episodes, the producer reported.

The strip, produced by BTF Media, in conjunction with Dhana Media and Latin We, promises to reflect “the triumphs and challenges of the legendary soccer player, from his humble beginnings in the city of Villa Fiorito, to his revolutionary career for Barcelona and Naples ».

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He will also showcase his key role as leader of the World Cup-winning Argentine team in Mexico 1986.

Argentine actors Nazareno Casero, Juan Palomino and Nicolás Goldschmidt were in charge of putting themselves in Maradona’s shoes at different stages of his life and career.

The series was filmed in locations in Argentina, Spain, Italy, Uruguay and Mexico and has 10 one-hour episodes.

Argentina, as the birth country of ’10’, will be the first country to see the broadcast of the first chapter called “Promise.”

It will be followed by “Dictation”, “Machine”, “Sudaca”, “Broken”, “Vesuvius”, “Free”, “Christian”, “Captain” and the last of the first season, called “God”.

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This week the Argentine government declared Maradona’s birthplace in Villa Fiorito (southern outskirts of Buenos Aires) National Heritage as part of the tributes and reminders prior to what would be his birthday and shortly after the first anniversary of his death due to a cardiorespiratory crisis.

Maradona passed away on November 25, 2020, at the age of 60, two weeks after leaving the Olivos clinic, on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, where he had been successfully operated on for a subdural hematoma on the head.

Justice investigates seven health professionals who were assisting him, after a series of expert opinions and testimonies that revealed alleged negligence and malpractice. The case is entitled “simple homicide with eventual intent”, a crime that includes penalties of 8 to 25 years in prison. AFP (HN)

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