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America remains dominant in Mexican soccer

America remains dominant in Mexican soccer

The América of the Argentine technical director Santiago Solari maintained its dominant step in Mexican soccer by defeating the Santos of the Uruguayan coach Guillermo Almada 2-1 at the Azteca stadium in a match of the fourteenth day of the Apertura-2021 tournament.

At minute 67, the Spanish Álvaro Fidalgo scored 1-0 for the ‘Águilas’ of América with a header inside the small area.

Santos’ ‘Warriors’ matched the score 1-1 with a penalty taken by Uruguayan Fernando Gorriarán at 73.

Sebastián Córdova sentenced the Americanist 2-1 with a header on the edge of the small area after collecting a free kick.

With this result, America remains as the unattainable leader with 31 points and Santos was left with 16 units at risk of leaving the playoff zone.

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At the Cuauhtémoc stadium, Puebla’s ‘La Franja’ beat the Mazatlán’s ‘Cañoneros’ 2-0.

Uruguayan Christian Tabó scored 1-0 for Puebla in the 69th minute with a powerfully charged penalty in the center of the goal defended by Uruguayan goalkeeper Nicolás Vikonis.

At 90 + 5, the Puebla team wove a play to stand in the rival area where Dieter Villalando made it 2-0 with a low and crossed shot.

Thus, Puebla reached 18 points and Mazatlán was left with 17 units.

Before at the La Corregidora stadium, the ‘Gallos Blancos’ from Querétaro beat the ‘Rayados’ from Monterrey 1-0.

At minute 34, Erik Vera controlled the ball on the left side of the area, traveled towards the center and signed the 1-0 with a shot at grass level.

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With this result, Querétaro reached 15 points and Monterrey was left with 20 units.

This day began on Tuesday, September 19 with the advance game in which the ‘Bravos’ de Juárez beat Atlético San Luis 1-0 at the Benito Juárez Olympic Stadium. (AFP)

–Results of the day
-Tuesday September 19:

Juárez-Atlético San Luis 1-0


Queretaro-Monterrey 1-0
Puebla-Mazatlan 2-0
America-Santos 2-1
Atlas-Cruz Azul 0-0



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