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American boxer indicted for aggravated robbery

The American boxer Adrien Broner has found an arrest warrant for an alleged crime of aggravated robbery that the Cincinnati (Ohio) Police Department has issued against him, according to several newspaper reports.
The current world champion has been accused by a man of hitting him with a pistol on January 21 and stealing the money he had in his pockets.
“The Problem”, as Broner is popularly known, plans to fight on April 1 against Ashley Theophane, at the DC Armory in Washington DC, where the world champion is training.
Broner, Super Lightweight champion of the World Boxing Association (WBA), has also held the Super Featherweight, Lightweight and Welterweight crown.
The 26-year-old American monarch is a controversial character that many have recognized as a bad copy of his compatriot, the undefeated former champion Floyd Mayweather, who was considered his adviser.
According to newspaper reports, Broner threatened a man with a gun, beat him, knocked him unconscious and took money from his pockets before retiring to the outskirts of a club.
The same sources also point out that Broner, who is training in Washington, has already been notified of the order and the authorities of the nation’s capital are aware of it.
Cincinnati police could wait for Broner to return to the city and voluntarily surrender, an action that would allow him to receive bail pending a hearing before a judge.
He could also be detained in Washington by local police and wait for representatives from Cincinnati to arrive so they could transfer him.
Broner is already informed of what happened and the only thing that he has stated is that he is well, without making any further comments about it.
While the promoters of the fight said that the legal situation that Broner is going through will be something that the lawyers and representatives of the current world champion have to solve.
The TMZ portal had reported the incident since last January, but NBC was the one who announced that Broner is wanted on two counts of aggravated robbery with violence, which could force a stop to the April 1 event that will be promoted by Mayweather Promotions. EFE

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