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An F1 World Championship with electric motors

An F1 World Championship with electric motors

ABC.ES.- A Formula 1 equipped with an electric motor has given its first laps on the French circuits of Magny-Cours and Le Mans, as part of a project developed over the last two years by the companies Formulec and Segula Technologies.

These two companies intend to take the concept of the electric motor up to high-level automobile competition, and the first step has been to create an engine equivalent to that of a Formula 3, with a range of between 15 and 25 minutes.

For the test they used as a base the chassis of a Brawn GP, ​​the team that won the title in the F1 World Championship in 2009, and had the collaboration of several companies, including Siemens (engine), Saft (batteries) and Michelin ( tires).

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To carry out the test they had to modify the architecture of the Brawn to accommodate the motor and batteries. The result is a car weighing about 315 kilos and a top speed of 250 km / h. Two French drivers, Jules Bianchi (GP2) and Alex Premat (DTM) were in charge of giving the car the first laps.

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