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Ancelotti gives Hazard the example of Mariano and defends Bale and Jovic

Ancelotti gives Hazard the example of Mariano and defends Bale and Jovic

Carlo Ancelotti, Italian coach of Real Madrid, put the “professionalism” shown by Mariano in Elche as an example to Eden Hazard so that the Belgian recovers his best level and has more minutes, and defended Gareth Bale, whom he said “is committed », And to Luka Jovic, who is to his liking as a forward.

Rodrygo’s absence against Shakhtar opens up an option for Hazard to return to Real Madrid’s starting team. Since he recovered from his last muscle injury, he has not started a game again and his role has been lowered.

“He is training well, but at this moment many players who do not play have to have faith that their moment will come,” Ancelotti commented at a press conference. «Who thought it would come to Mariano, without a minute in the season, and it came to him, he enjoyed it and played very well showing professionalism. It is what Hazard and those who are not playing at the moment have to do, “he stressed.

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Bale still does not train with his teammates, but has been summoned by his national team to reappear with Wales. Ancelotti publicly defended him: «He is engaged. His situation is quite clear, he has had a major injury, he has needed time to recover and he has not yet trained with the team, but he is very close to fully recovering ».

«I said I could train before the Lightning and it can happen. His national team calls him because they need him and will assess whether the player can play after a major injury or not. If he trains before Rayo he will be available and if he is recovered we are delighted that he plays with Wales because he accumulates minutes and will return from the break in better condition, “he added.

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Regarding Luka Jovic, despite his lack of continuity, he said: “He’s fine here and he’s happy. I try to give him as much love as possible because he is a forward that I like and he knows it. In front of him he has the best striker in the world (Benzema) of the moment and he has to have faith that something is going to happen. He might have a chance on Sunday, but his knee wasn’t right. He will have minutes because he entered the games he played well ». EFE (HN)

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