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Ancelotti: «Hazard is not happy; it will have minutes »

Ancelotti: «Hazard is not happy;  it will have minutes »

Carlo Ancelotti, the Italian coach of Real Madrid, recognized Eden Hazard’s condition in the face of his continuous substitutions and praised his attitude in training to ensure that “he will have minutes”, without revealing whether he will start against Rayo Vallecano.

«The player is not happy, it is clear. He has quality and he is training well, he is professional, serious and deserves to have minutes for what he is doing. He’s going to have them if he continues like this and has faith. It may be the headline tomorrow but the important thing is that it is plugged in. I am sorry because it is quite easy to put a player on the bench who is not a professional in training and he is, ”he said at a press conference.

Without revealing the name of one of the players who warmed up for 40 minutes and did not jump onto the pitch at the Santiago Bernabéu against Shakhtar last Wednesday, Ancelotti left a reflection. “Yesterday I spoke with a player and he told me something very interesting, sometimes a player is changed because he doesn’t play well and he understands it. So why are you angry if they change you? “

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«He told me that a player who does not get angry is not a player. If they change him or he does not enter the game, he has to get angry, with the coach, not with the person. I got angry with Capello when he didn’t put me on and he told me that, when he was a coach, he would understand. Now I understand it very well, “he said.

Despite the symptoms of fatigue shown by his team in the Champions League, especially from a midfield that was below the rival in the physical section, Ancelotti defended his starters.

“The changes are made to keep the players motivated, the rotations are to give rest. I don’t think the team is very tired. In the last game I made only two changes because I didn’t want to change the dynamics of the game, which was controlled in my opinion. The average I have not changed much because Valverde is not available and Modric, Casemiro and Kroos were doing well “, he valued.

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Even so, the Madrid coach expects a reaction from his players against Rayo, against whom he announced he can make an approach with high pressure, also attending to the complaints of the fans who whistled at his team against Shakhtar.

“We have to take into account the reaction of the stands, there are moments of the games that they did not like because the team defended very low. What the fans think is very important to us, we would like to keep them happy and when they whistle it is because they demand more. It is what we have to work on, “he acknowledged.

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In his analysis of the team, Ancelotti stressed that “defensively he has improved” but admitted that they need “better collective organization of the four that sometimes do not move together”, as happened in defense in the Champions League.

With room for growth, he also addressed the offensive aspect and the low contribution from set pieces. «We have not marked much but we are working, better organizing the positioning in the opposite area. It is a problem that we have and that we hope to fix very soon, we have to improve our positioning in the area ».

Against Rayo, the Real Madrid coach expects “a complete game” from his team. «We play against a team that is playing very well, that shows its quality and I like it. He attacks very directly and defends very well. We need a Madrid that does not have a single identity and adapts well to party situations. EFE (HN)

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