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Ancelotti: “If Florentino is incompetent, what are the others?”

Ancelotti: “If Florentino is incompetent, what are the others?”

The Italian Carlo Ancelotti replied to the words of the UEFA president, Aleksander Ceferin, who described the managers of Real Madrid as “incompetent”, as well as those of Barcelona and Juventus, for continuing in their efforts to create the Super League, rhetorically wondering what the rest are if “a president of a club that has won 13 ‘Champions'” is described in this way, referring to Florentino Pérez.

“It seemed a bit strange to me that a body as important as UEFA talks like this about the president of a club that has won 13 ‘Champions’ … If the president of a club that has won 13 ‘Champions’ is incompetent, do the others are they? ”, Ancelotti answered at a press conference.

An appearance on the eve of a match against Celta de Vigo (21.00 CET / 19.00 GMT) that represents the return of football to the Santiago Bernabéu 560 days later.

“A very special day for all Madridistas and for us because we are returning to our stadium. A stadium that has always helped the team. It is clear that it is a very special day and we have to close it with a good game and three points if possible. To be a special day, you have to take into account that, first, you have to play well and put on a good show. And most importantly, the three points ”, he valued.

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In addition, Ancelotti will return to the Santiago Bernabéu six years after ending his first stage at the helm of Real Madrid; a time in which, he considered, that experience has made him a better coach.

“I hope it is better (laughs). I have more experience. After the 2015 start I went to Munich, Naples, Everton … I have more experience and it is a great illusion to return. A coach has to enjoy the experience he has to improve, and not look back and move forward because football changes and there is always something he can learn, “he said.

A day not without controversy since the Villarreal-Alavés and Sevilla-Barcelona matches were postponed due to the fact that the South American players were late from their commitments with their respective teams since three of those clubs, except Alavés, make their debut this season in the League of Champions on Tuesday.

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Even so, Ancelotti was in favor of LaLiga’s decision, trusting that they will do the same when Real Madrid suffer this problem in the next October break.

“It is important that the League is on the subject because there is a calendar problem that the League, UEFA and FIFA have to solve. I hope they solve it; Is the only that i can say. It seems good to me that the League is on the subject and that it makes decisions to preserve the health of the players ”.

An Ancelotti who appreciated the state of two players who are in the magnifying glass of the fans since they are required to perform better. The first, the Belgian Eden Hazard.

“Hazard is fine, he has played well for Belgium and has had good feelings; it is once again the Hazard we all know. I am excited and I am sure that he will return to his best level ”, the Italian answered confidently.

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The second is Gareth Bale, who has already been whistled at the Santiago Bernabéu but who, after a year on loan at Tottenham Hotspur, returned to Real Madrid and started the first three LaLiga Santander games.

“Bale’s start to the season was good because he trained well. Has to follow. He is not yet at his best, he has to improve. If he plays or does not play tomorrow it will be due to a physical issue because I have to assess the state of each player who has played for his national team ”, he commented.

On the demand of the Madrid fans, Ancelotti was in favor of considering it fair: “The demand of the Real Madrid fan is quite simple and clear, they want to see a player who fights and gives everything on the field. If they give everything on the field, the players can stay calm, “he said. EFE (HN)

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