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Anderson Varejao predicts a “fairer” and “spectacular” NBA final

Anderson Varejao predicts a “fairer” and “spectacular” NBA final
Brazilian pivot Anderson Varejao predicts a final of the NBA between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors “spectacular” and “fairer”, since “both teams have strengthened.”
Varejao has referred to the end of the NBA, disputed by the two American teams in which he has played, during his presence in San Sebastián to inaugurate a rehabilitated basketball court in the Sagüés neighborhood, at the initiative of the NBA and BBVA.
“I think these finals will be fairer because both teams have strengthened. Just as in the first Cleveland had some important injury, in the second the Golden State also had some injury of weight in the team like Andrew Bogut, “explained the Brazilian pivot.
Varejao who has stated that “the finals between Warriors and Cavaliers are going to be a spectacle and we will remember them for many years.”
“Whoever wins will be good for basketball, since everyone is very expectant,” has abounded.
The Brazilian player has starred in the inauguration of the rehabilitated court and will remain in San Sebastián until Sunday to participate in the activities scheduled on the occasion of the NBA Zone, the US basketball league tour that has stopped in San Sebastián, BBVA reported in a statement.
After opening the track, Varejao visited the Donostia Hospital children’s unit with the Charlotte Hornets mascot. EFE
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