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Anthony Davis prefers to be cautious with his Achilles heel discomfort

Anthony Davis prefers to be cautious with his Achilles heel discomfort

The Lakers are going for the repeat. Last October, the gold and purple ones took their seventeenth ring with LeBron James and Anthony Davis at the helm. In a season, in which among many other factors, they knew how to control and regulate the health of their best men. In fact, that was one of the foundations they stood on last year. The physique and toughness, which not only made them one of the best defenders, but also a lethal team in transitions and with a lot of play over the rim.

This year, the template configuration has changed. The level at the back of the court has been maintained, but the truth is that they are a team that plays different records on offense. I play more static, slow and with more playbooks than the previous year. As well as adjusting to new hires, this could well be related to forcing her two best men to a minimum. King James is now 36 years old and although his basketball continues to evolve, this small truce has not been bad for him. His faithful squire, AD, has always been known for being an injury prone player and his goal has to be to arrive healthy at the crucial moments.

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And that is precisely the topic of the day. The former New Orleans Pelicans player is taking days off to fully recover from tendonitis in his right Achilles tendon. Without victories being a necessity like other years and with the Lakers focused on improving and polishing their game until the playoffs, it is appropriate for Anthony Davis to fully recover from his discomfort. Also, taking into account the complexity of this type of inconvenience. This is what the player himself has affirmed: “This is a different circumstance, since he is an Achilles. If it was a quadriceps or a finger, something like that, I wouldn’t mind playing. “

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The seven-time All-Star was sincere and explained perfectly how he feels about his discomfort. Without a doubt, the success of these Lakers passes through their health. This is what the power forward said: “But I really don’t want to play with an Achilles. Today was the first day that we were able to practice, have a meet with some guys to really test it. I just don’t want to play a game where I still feel it and then get hurt and miss out on the playoffs or for several weeks. Miss two or three games at the beginning of the season or in the middle of it and be ready to play the rest of the year. ” The Brow missed two meetings due to these annoyances, hence part of the comments. (GG) (NBA Maniacs)

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