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Anthony Davis: “Rondo will be a great coach”

Anthony Davis: “Rondo will be a great coach”

After winning the seventeenth ring for the Los Angeles Lakers, Rajon Rondo has established himself as a point guard that will go down in the books of NBA history. His leadership on the court and his exhausted knowledge of the game make him a player that every coach would like to have on their squad. He knows how to generate, direct, distribute and balance his team. Based on experience, he has become a fundamental piece on both sides of the court, absorbing like a sponge all the morals and experiences he has had throughout his career.

A compelling reason for the Angelenos to keep great memories for him is for his role in the past NBA Finals. Both coaching staff and teammates have a certain esteem for good Do. Or so they have manifested after their recent clash with the Hawks, Rajon’s new team. The Lakers won 99-107, and Anthony Davis had this to say about his friend: “It has always been his dream, to be a coach. He is a coach on the court, even when he is not playing, he is training. I can definitely picture him as a head coach. I think that’s what Rajon Rondo wants. He will be a great coach ”.

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Seen what has been seen, it does not seem at all unreasonable that a player of these characteristics ends up in an NBA staff. As Davis says, by leadership and will it will not be, everything indicates that after his retirement Rondo will want to continue related to the world of basketball. In fact, when the playmaker seriously considered retiring, he already made it clear that it was because of his own performance and his adaptation to the new game shown in the NBA. Well, he wants to be linked to the NBA at all times, and has already made public his intention to be a head coach.

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Although it is increasingly common to see coaches who have not played a single game in the NBA, the experience is something that different stars value in these positions. Removing former players from other generations like Doc Rivers, Monty Williams, Steve Kerr and company, only Steve Nash and Tyronn Lue seem to have adapted quickly to these types of positions. Will Rajon Rondo join this group of coaches who were once prominent men in the NBA? (GG) (NBA Maniacs)

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