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Aroldis Chapman scared the Yankees

Aroldis Chapman scared the Yankees

The New York Yankees revealed that he had Aroldis Chapman on his elbow which caused him to be placed on the MLB disabled list.

It seemed serious when the New York Yankees decided to send him in for testing and put him on the disabled list immediately. However, tests showed that he does not bring any structural damage and that he only has common wear and tear as most pitchers in MLB do.

A little rest is required until the inflammation is controlled a little, as his recovery progresses then the faster Aroldis Chapman will return to work, who in his last 7 games threw 7 scoreless innings with 11 strikeouts and 6 saves.

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It should be noted that at the end of the day the players are human and have the same bones as anyone else, only theirs are stronger according to the work they do since they are aspiring children. That is why every pitcher who has his arm tested always comes up with some unusual that is due to the usual, they are humans who force his arm more than anyone else. (Fielding)

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