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Barcelona, ​​the first club to sell the women’s shirt for men

Barcelona, ​​the first club to sell the women’s shirt for men

For several years now, it has not been a novelty that men’s team shirts can be obtained in women’s sizes and even with special details. What is rare is to be able to get a women’s team jersey but for men.

Barcelona will then be the first to have it available: for the first time the kit of its women’s First Division team will have shirts with men’s sizes.

The fact is that both jackets are different: although the design does not differ, the sponsor does change, which is exclusive for the different teams. That is why the culé club says “Stanley” to the women’s, which is also somewhat more fitted.

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The prices are also different: the t-shirt in size for women costs 139.99 euros and 89.99 for men. The same thing happens the other way around: the men’s team t-shirt costs 160 euros while for women the value is 89.99 euros. The costs for the original replicas are somewhat cheaper in both cases.

For now, the jackets can be purchased from the club’s website (there is a discount for members), and then they can also be purchased in physical stores in Barcelona (at Camp Nou, at the airport and in official stores).

“It is a decision that is part of the entity’s commitment to promoting women’s sport and gender equality,” the club said in a statement. When the shirt was presented, it was shown that the legend “More than gender” is stamped on its neck, alluding to the famous phrase “More than a club.” (Bolavip)

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