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Because of the Lakers, Golden State Warriors was left without Bradley Beal

Because of the Lakers, Golden State Warriors was left without Bradley Beal

The NBA star that Stephen Curry would have asked the Golden State Warriors managers was Bradley Beal, but a move by the Los Angeles Lakers damaged everything.

While rumors put the Golden State Warriors as the team that would move the chips, change picks 7 and 14 of the 2021 Draft and would be the protagonist of the market bomb, the Los Angeles Lakers moved in silence and already have a new star for LeBron James and company. What will Stephen Curry think?

A few days ago Bolavip published the name of the star that Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green would have asked the Warriors to reinforce the team, but after the Draft and after the arrival of Russell Westbrook to the Lakers everything began to get complicated.

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Bradley Beal was the name pointed out according to rumors to be the third star of the Warriors, but to the version that the Washington Wizards star does not want to change teams, was added the exchange of the Lakers for Westbrook that left Curry and company without the star escort.

In more words, less words, because of the Los Angeles Lakers Beal was not even considered for a trade, since the other star of the Wizards, Westbrook, changed teams and now in Washington they only think about building a team around Bradley. And Curry? He stood with his arms crossed.

“This is a trade Washington wanted to do with Bradley Beal in mind, creating some salary cap flexibility going forward to add talent around him. The idea of ​​going back to his Los Angeles roots has drawn him to Westbrook, ”Adrian Wojnarowski said of how the Lakers prevented the Warriors from trying to go for Bradley. (Bolavip)

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