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Becker wonders if Germany has become “a country of racists”

Becker wonders if Germany has become “a country of racists”

Former German tennis player Boris Becker reacted, through his Twitter account, to attacks and insults received from Germany for his participation in London in a demonstration against racism.

“I am shocked, beaten, horrified by the insults I have received ONLY from Germany for my support of the Black Live Matters demonstration in London,” says Becker through his Twitter account.

“Why? Have we become a country of racists? “Asks the former tennis player, three-time Wimbledon champion.

In another message Becker says that fortunately his participation in the demonstration has been well received by media such as CNN or Daily News while many people in Germany seem not to have understood that the fight against racism is part of his family’s history.

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Becker has been married to two Afro-descendants and has had children with them.

After the two messages from Becker, he received several expressions of support that he bounced off his Twitter account.

«Dear Boris, thank you for being a great ambassador for our country. But please don’t draw conclusions about the whole town from the hatred of a few idiots. Look at the images in Berlin and Munich, ”read one of the messages.

In Berlin and Munich, and in other German cities, large demonstrations were held against racism and in solidarity with George Floyd, the African American killed as a result of police violence in Germany.

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Among the attacks on Becker that can be found on Twitter is that of someone wondering where the former tennis player was when in Germany ultra-right groups attacked refugee shelters.

Others allude to Becker’s financial debts. EFE (HN)

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