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Becky Hammon became the first coach to lead an NBA game

Becky Hammon became the first coach to lead an NBA game

Becky Hammon, an assistant coach for the San Antonio Spurs, became the first woman to lead an NBA team as head coach in a regular season game and, after the game, admitted it was something significant but also tried to treat it with normal.

“Obviously it is something very big. It’s an important moment, “he said at the press conference after the Spurs’ loss to the Los Angeles Lakers (107-121).

Hammon took over the Spurs’ reins late in the second quarter after Texans coach Gregg Popovich was sent off for protesting to umpires.

“Popovich pointed to me and that was it,” he summed up on how he found out he had to step up. “Honestly, at the time I was just trying to win the game. I say this a lot, but I try not to think too much about the big picture or the huge aspect of this because it can be overwhelming, “he said.

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“It’s my job to get out there and be focused on these players and make sure I’m helping them,” she said. Although her milestone quickly became one of the most talked about topics on social networks, the coach assured that at that moment she was not yet very aware of what she had achieved.

“I really haven’t had time to reflect. I haven’t looked at my phone so I have no idea what happened beyond the AT&T Center (Spurs’ stadium), “he explained.

The accolades also came from the rival team with Lakers star LeBron James at the helm: “Today she had to take charge, show her work, show her talent and show her love for this sport.” “She is very passionate about this sport. Congratulations to her and congratulations to our league ”, he added.

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The South Dakota native had already led a friendly game for the Spurs, but this was the first time she dealt with her team in an official regular season game: “This was a learning situation for all of us, but I would like to to have finished the game with a victory for our players ”.

Hammon argued that his team made “a decent effort” against the Lakers, whom he described as “a tough team” and was confident that, facing the new duel against the Lakers that will take place on Friday, the Spurs will be able to “improve” to be more competitive.

She also stressed that her debut as head coach was normal for the squad, as they are “used to” hearing her scream and designing plays for them. The 43-year-old American had a brilliant playing career in the WNBA, on teams like the San Antonio Stars; and in international basketball, in teams such as the Spanish Rivas Ecópolis and Ros Casares Valencia.

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In 2014, she retired as a player, stepped onto the bench and signed as an assistant coach for the San Antonio Spurs, making her the first woman to serve on an NBA coaching staff. (GG) (Infobae)

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