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Big midseason moves in MLB

Big midseason moves in MLB

Many teams improved heading into the decisive months of August and September in the majors in hopes of reaching the World Series and winning it, but there are some who threw in the towel like the Washington Nationals, Chicago Cubs and the Angels who practically fell apart. of great players who will no longer be in this and the next seasons.

The following teams that seem to me are the big winners and losers of the 2021 MLB mid-season changes, which closed today July 30 at four (4) in the afternoon EDT.

Red Sox

They got the power left-handed bat they needed in Kyle Schwarber and beefed up the bullpen with the young arms of Hansel Robles and Austin Davis.

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They got two left-handed power bats they needed in Joey Gallo and Antony Rizzo and an outfielder and first baseman they also needed, plus they strengthened the relay with two arms.


They put together their starting and relief pitching for the end of the games with José Berríos, Joakim Soria and Brad Hand.

White socks

They obtained the lock from Craig Kimbrel, in addition to César Hernández, his home runs and his Golden Glove.


They strengthened their bullpen especially for the final part of the games which was where they weren’t shining much.


They strengthened their center line to see if they finally make it to the World Series again.

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They added starting and relief pitching to fight for the wild card.


They acquired the magic of Javier Báez. Also, from Rich Hill.

They added starting pitching and brought in a prodigal son like Freddy Galvis.


They got hitting to cover the losses of Marcell Ozuna and Ronald Acuña Jr., as well as a good closer.


They brought in one of MLB’s best hitters in recent years and some arms that never hurt.


They got starting pitching, lefty and veteran.


They hope to remain the Giants of the NL West with Kris Bryant.


They hit the table with Max Scherzer and Trea Turner.

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They brought batting, relief pitching and defense.

The Angels

They did not get pitching and that they play for 51 and 51.


They didn’t come out of Trevor Story.

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