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Blatter is not afraid of a process, but claims to be “physically” unprepared

Blatter is not afraid of a process, but claims to be “physically” unprepared

The former president of FIFA, Sepp Blatter, “does not fear a trial” in the case of the alleged payment that also threatens Michel Platini, but is “not yet ready” to attend in person, due to his fragile state of health, he explained in an interview in the newspaper Le Matin.

“I am not afraid of a trial, because the lawyers, not only mine, but also that of Michel Platini and other Zurich lawyers (…) consider it incredible,” the former FIFA official explained to the Swiss newspaper in its Sunday edition .

But “physically I’m not ready yet. I could not carry out a process currently, “added Blatter.

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This case, which ended the careers of the two most powerful men in world football, concerns the payment by FIFA of 2 million Swiss francs (1.8 million euros, 2.11 million dollars) to the manager French in early 2011, without written justification, by order of Blatter.

Blatter testified in early August in Zurich before a Swiss prosecutor. The 85-year-old Blatter’s hearing had been postponed for several months because of his health.

Blatter is being investigated for “suspicions of fraud, breach of trust and unfair management”, while the criminal process against Platini is led by “suspicions of fraud, participation in breach of trust, participation in unfair management and falsification of titles ».

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Platini appeared for the last time in mid-March. Now he is awaiting the decision of the prosecution, which could rule on the case file or open the way to a trial before the Bellinzona Federal Criminal Court.

Blatter and Platini insist that this is an amount that remained to be paid for a consultancy work carried out by the French in 1999-2002.

FIFA, led since 2016 by Gianni Infantino, regrets the lack of a written contract that mentions such remuneration at that time, and asks Platini to reimburse the 2 million Swiss francs. (AFP)

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