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Bolivia defends the benefit of the Dakar to local communities

Bolivia defends the benefit of the Dakar to local communities
The passage of the Dakar Rally through Bolivia for the fifth time will benefit at least 265 communities that organize tourist routes, cultural fairs and will exhibit handicrafts, the Minister of Cultures, Wilma Alanoca, reported today.
The minister pointed out that she coordinated with at least 18 municipalities that are on the Dakar route in the country so that they can expose and offer the best of their productivity.
“The viewer will not only be aware of everything that happens in the Dakar, they will also be able to enjoy typical music and dances originating from the place,” Alanoca said in an interview with the state-run BTV.
He stated that visitors will be able to enjoy textiles, goldsmiths and handicrafts carved in stone and ceramics.
He argued that the promotion of the country should be used to the maximum and that Bolivia must also demonstrate the reasons why it was chosen last year as the Best Cultural Destination in the World by the World Travel Awards.
He pointed out that if a negative incident occurred, it would harm the country and all the people who prepare for months for this sporting event.
“People would not only be disappointed, but it would hurt their economy,” he stressed.
It is estimated that the passage of the Dakar will have an economic impact on the country of 149 million dollars.
Alanoca said that Bolivia is ready to receive the pilots and that more than 9,000 police and military will be deployed to protect the safety of competitors and visitors.
The Dakar edition began on January 6 in Peru, will pass through Bolivia and will end on January 20 in Argentina.
This sporting event arrives in the country from the 11th to the 15th of this month and they will travel the sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth stages through La Paz, the Salar de Uyuni and Tupiza. EFE
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