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Boricua “Manny” Rodríguez and Argentine Narváez will finally box on the 25th

Boricua “Manny” Rodríguez and Argentine Narváez will finally box on the 25th
After several cancellations, the combat of boxing between the Puerto Rican Emmanuel “Manny” Rodríguez and the Argentine Omar Narváez will take place on the island on the 25th, and the winner will challenge the champion of the bantamweight division of the International Federation of Boxing (IBF), Britain’s Lee Haskins.
“I remain focused because this is my job and the future of my family depends on it. It is not easy when they tell you that the fight is still being canceled, but my team works hard so that things go well and now I will fight in front of my people, “said” Manny “Rodríguez in a press release.
«I know that Narváez will be well prepared as he always does. My respects to him for his career. I hope that at the end of my career, I can have a career like his, “added Rodríguez about his opponent, a former world champion in two divisions and current IBF Latin champion.
Rodríguez, who is the first Puerto Rican to win a gold medal at the 2010 Singapore Youth Olympic Games, is ranked third in his division by the World Council of Boxing, in fourth position by the FIB, in eighth by the World Association of Boxing and tenth by the World Organization of Boxing.
The fight between Rodríguez and Narváez will take place in the Concepción Pérez Alberto Park, in Fajardo, a municipality on the east coast of Puerto Rico. EFE
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