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Boris Becker’s trophies go up for auction to pay off his debts

Boris Becker’s trophies go up for auction to pay off his debts

Several trophies and personal mementos of former tennis star Boris Becker will be sold online by British house Wyles Hardy, to pay off part of the debts of the former champion and now bankrupt German former tennis player.

Composed of 82 items belonging to who was the youngest winner in history at Wimbledon – at 17 years old – the lot includes medals, cups, rackets, watches and photographs. The sale will conclude on July 11 with the highest bids, the Wyles Hardy house said on its website.

Among the objects and furnishings are a copy of the Challenge Cup given to Becker by the German Tennis Federation after his 1985 and 1986 victories at Wimbledon; the medal of finalist in 1990 in the English Grand Slam, where he was surpassed by his rival Stefan Edberg; or even a replica of the silver United States Open Cup made by the jewelry brand Tiffany, for their victory over Ivan Lendl in 1989.

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Embarrassed by debt, the 51-year-old triple Wimbledon winner was declared bankrupt in 2017. In June 2018 he invoked diplomatic status to grant himself immunity from British justice, thus halting at the last minute the sale of your trophies and personal items at auction.

The former world number 1 stated then that he had been appointed in April by the President of the Central African Republic as an “attaché” to the European Union for cultural, sporting and humanitarian affairs in that country. But the Central African Foreign Minister replied that the passport displayed by Becker was a fake, coming from a batch “of virgin passports stolen in 2014”.

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– “Very substantial offers” –

Becker finally closed this bizarre episode in December, before a London court specializing in insolvency cases, waiving his request for immunity.

So the auction house will put the trophies on the market. The first attempt “had raised very substantial offers,” said Mark Ford, one of the three judicial administrators of the London office in charge of reducing the extenista’s debt, in a statement, although they will not be enough to end the figure of millions of pounds that he owes. Becker.

Boris Becker has already gone before the Spanish justice, for unpaid debts for works in his mansion in Mallorca; and before the Swiss, for not having paid the pastor who officiated her wedding in 2009.

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In 2002, the German court sentenced him to two years in prison and a € 500,000 fine for nearly 1.7 million back taxes.

A six-time Grand Slam winner, “Boum Boum” Becker, conquered 49 titles and earned more than 20 million euros during his sports career.

He is currently focusing on his work around tennis, especially his role as a commentator. AFP

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