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Boxer Ceiber Ávila gives another gold medal to Colombia

Boxer Ceiber Ávila gives another gold medal to Colombia

The Colombian Céiber Ávila gave Colombia a new gold medal today by beating the Dominican Rodrigo Marte in the final of the fly category (52 kg), who took silver.

In a divided decision of the judges who gave a 4-1, Ávila added the third gold medal to Colombia, after those won the previous day by Yuberjen Martínez in the men’s light fly category and Ingrit Valencia in the women’s fly category.

With the bronze medals in the flyweight were the Mexican Miguel Capilla and the Puerto Rican Yankiel Rivera.

The Colombian, who suffered a cut on his right eyebrow in the second round, said: «It was a very tough fight, the Dominican rival is quite strong and it took me a lot of work to dominate him, especially after the injury, when there was a risk of the judge to stop the fight.

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Ávila added: “We did not despair, we were able to remain calm and in the end we took the gold medal for Colombia and for my career,” he said, noting that his goal is the Tokyo Olympics. EFE (Photo by )

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