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Boxer dies in coma after collapsing in combat

Boxer dies in coma after collapsing in combat

Dominican featherweight boxer Geysi Lorenzo died today in a hospital in Santo Domingo province after remaining in a coma since last Saturday when he fell to the canvas during a fight in the city of La Romana against Jeffry ‘la Bujía’ Castillo.

Lorenzo, 34, died at the Darío Contreras hospital and will be buried this Friday in his native San Cristóbal, according to relatives informed Efe.

Lorenzo had won 15 bouts and asked for 35 at the time of Saturday’s clash. Four days earlier he had fought in the Dominican capital.

Apparently it was not the first time that the deceased boxer fought bouts with such a short recovery interval. Last December he fought on December 19 in La Romana and for three days he did so in Dajabón (northwest), a province on the border with Haiti.

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In 2015 the World Organization of Boxing (OMB) warned that it could expel the Dominican Republic from its ranks considering that that country would have become a “factory of false records”, not only of Dominican boxers, but also of foreigners.

On that occasion, the president of the WBO, Francisco Valcárcel, affirmed that in the country the irregular situation persisted in which a boxer fought up to two times in the same week, in addition to cases of foreign rivals who put them to fight up to four times with the same rival, just for the purpose of making records.

Until now, the authorities of the National Commission of Boxing local have not offered information about the death of Lorenzo, who was a member of the top national team of boxing. EFE

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