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Boxer López will have eighth fight on February 3

Boxer López will have eighth fight on February 3

The Honduran boxer residing in the United States, Teófimo Andrés López, will dispute his eighth professional fight on February 3 against the American John Delperdang in the lightweight category.
The eight-round fight will take place at the Bank of America, Corpus Christi, where López hopes to win one more victory, for which he continues to train with great dedication.
Catracho’s rival played 14 fights, of which he has won 10 and lost four, while López has won the seven fights he has had.
At 20 years old, with a 1.73 height, the catracho beat Josh Ross, Christian Santibáñez, Ronald Rivas, Jorge Luis Munguía, Daniel Bastien, Francisco Medel in 2017. His 2016 debut in Las Vegas with a knockout over Ishwar Siqueiros.

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