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Boxer-mayor asks for help to protect Ukraine’s border

The mayor of Kiev and leader of the Ukrainian party UDAR, the boxer Vitali Klitschkó, ​​asked from Berlin for technical help to secure Ukraine’s border with Russia, while calling the EU sanctions against Moscow “correct”.
The measures adopted by the European Union (EU) are “the right path,” said the Ukrainian politician at a ceremony held at the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, akin to the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) chaired by Chancellor Angela Merkel.
It is “doubtful” that the terms of the peace agreement with the pro-Russian separatists will be fulfilled, so it is “appropriate” that the EU has decided to implement the sanctions, added Klitschkó, ​​in German, a language he speaks fluently for having lived for years in Germany.
The former world boxing champion also referred to the need for a “secure border”, for which he asked Germany for logistical and financial help.
Asked whether he considered the idea of ​​building a 2,300-kilometer wall to be appropriate, in the image of the one that crossed Berlin in the decades of German division, the politician insisted that his country needs an “impermeable” border to prevent the infiltration of troops and weapons from Russia and destined for the separatists.
“We need the support of all our European friends,” he insisted, specifying that, in the case of Germany, such help could be materialized in both financial and technical support.
The Ukrainian government’s plans to erect a wall along the border with Russia have sparked mixed feelings in Berlin, where on November 9, the 25th anniversary of the fall of the wall built by the now-defunct German Democratic Republic (GDR) will be commemorated. ).
The deputy spokesperson for the German government, Christiane Wirtz, expressed today the “understanding” of the Executive for this project and said that the decision to carry it out is the responsibility of Kiev, to add that there had been no request for help from Germany.
According to the plans of the Prime Minister of Ukraine, Arseni Yatseniuk, the wall will have a length of 2,300 kilometers and will be reinforced in about 1,500 kilometers of its route through a ditch, in the image of what was the inter-German border.
Klitschkó’s visit to Berlin was the first since his election as mayor of Kiev last May, with almost 60% of the vote.
“It was a result almost as overwhelming as his victories in the ring, where he reached 80% success rates,” recalled, in his presentation, the former CDU deputy Hans-Gerd Pöttering, alluding to his past in the boxing of the politician .

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