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Boxer Roberto Larralde found dead

Five people have been arrested this morning for their alleged involvement in the death of the boxer from Leon Roberto Larralde, 37, shot dead, as determined by the autopsy, reports the Government Sub-delegation in León.
The five detainees are four men and one woman, whose identity has not been provided, and the National Police continues the investigations to clarify what happened, although the hypothesis that gains more force is that it could be a settling of accounts.
Larralde’s body was found last night by National Police agents in a place in Santa Olaja de la Ribera (León) after activating a search device since last Saturday, when his family reported his disappearance.
The body was located by some dogs with which the agents were patrolling and was buried in the undergrowth of the Bernesga River, a short distance from the place where his car had been found days before with the keys in it.
The discovery of the body was the result of the search operation that was launched after the complaint filed by the family of Roberto Larralde, a resident of the Leon municipality of San Andrés del Rabanedo, who had been missing since last Saturday night.
As sources from the León Government Sub-delegation have confirmed to Efe, the boxer would have been seen for the last time in the vicinity of the Puente Castro neighborhood, in the Leonese capital, near the place where the body was found.
The victim left his home on Saturday night after receiving a call and told his family that he was going to León to do some business.
The Police were able to trace this call that took place from a mobile phone, and among the detainees is the author of the same.
After several hours without having news of his whereabouts, a relative filed a complaint for his disappearance on September 15 at the Police Station of the town of San Andrés del Rabanedo, so immediately, the investigation groups of the National Police began the steps to locate it.
As there were suspicions that the disappearance could have a fatal outcome, the collaboration of a Group of Canine Guides, displaced from Madrid, with specially trained dogs to locate people was required.
In the afternoon of yesterday, a search was made of a wide area of ​​the bank of the Bernesga River, between León and the town of Santa Olaja de la Ribera, and around 10:00 p.m. a body was located in the term of this town. covered with branches and dirt, which showed signs of violence.
It corresponded to a young man with characteristics similar to the one who disappeared, and it was later confirmed that it was Roberto Larralde.
The judicial commission authorized the transfer of the body to the Legal Medical Institute, where an autopsy was performed.
In said autopsy, it was determined that the body had a gunshot wound.
During the past night, security devices were maintained by the Civil Guard in the town of Campo de Santibañez, where the victim resided, and the agents had to intervene in an incident involving a group of 50 people, supposedly related to the deceased, that they tried to attack a woman who was inside her home, considering that she was related to the disappearance.
Said woman had to be transferred to the University Hospital of León, as she presented various bruises.
To prevent new incidents between groups of people related to the events, the Civil Guard has established a security device in the area, with the presence of various Citizen Security patrols to prevent further altercations.
The National Police Corps has also deployed a security device as a result of these events.

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