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Boxer seeks “job” in Motagua

Boxer seeks “job” in Motagua

One of the new faces in the preseason start of the Motagua team was that of boxer Carlos Fidel “Pupita” Güity, who requested permission from the coaching staff to show his conditions with the ball.

“Pupita” Güity, born in Nueva Armenia, Jutiapa municipality, seeks to take a leap in his sports career, put down his gloves and the ring for a while, and demonstrate his qualities on the grass.

The boxer says that his strength is speed and plays in the attack zone.

Güity, 20, won seven professional fights in the 130-pound category and at the time the Central American Fecarbox title, which he lost due to boxing inactivity.

Graphic of the fight where »Pupita» Güity defeated Nicaraguan Edwin Téllez in 2016.

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