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Boxing Federation promises to help the “Doll” González

Boxing Federation promises to help the “Doll” González

Former Honduran boxing number one, Miguel “El Muñeco” González, fights his most difficult round prostrate on a stretcher in the ophthalmological ward of Hospital San Felipe.

The professional expugilist underwent eye surgery, but according to the authorities of the medical center, the charismatic athlete would need a new surgery, otherwise he could lose his sight.

The image of the lonely “El Muñeco”, with health problems and financial difficulties to continue with his medical care, provoked an almost immediate reaction from the leaders of the National Boxing Federation.

Today the president of that Federation, Jack Uriarte, on behalf of the Executive Committee of the Honduran Boxing Federation, visited the athlete of the sport of “flat noses and cauliflower ears”, to offer him all the support in matters of medicines and food for his speedy recovery.

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Similarly, Uriarte assured that “El Muñeco” also has the support of Condepah through its president, Gerardo Fajardo.

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