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Boxing figures wouldn’t pay for Mayweather-McGregor fight

Boxing figures wouldn’t pay for Mayweather-McGregor fight
The fight between the American Floyd Mayweather Jr and the Irishman Conor McGregor does not encourage the figures of the boxing in Puerto Rico, if it depended on the champion in five divisions Amanda Serrano, the president of the World Organization Francisco Valcárcel or the ex-monarch Iván Calderón.
‘Paco’ Valcárcel, president of the World Organization of BoxingHe told Efe that he will not see the fight, because for him it is like seeing “an amateur fight against the best boxer.”
“It will not be a show, but Mayweather will fill McGregor’s face with gloves,” said the sports leader, who reflected that otherwise – Mayweather fighting in the UFC – could not be done because the American fighter does not know how to kick.
“But on the other hand, it is a fight that the ‘millennials’, who are the ‘fans’ of the UFC, would be attracted to the boxingWell, they see their idol fight against the best boxer, “said Valcárcel.
Iván Calderón, a former champion in the light fly and fly divisions, admitted to Efe that he disagreed with the lawsuit, because he assured that the brawl, which will take place in Las Vegas, will not be one “where you will see a good boxing, but rather a ‘show’ (spectacle) ».
«If it would be a fight between two boxers, then we would see an event of a good boxing like any other fight, “said the retired Puerto Rican fighter, who was sincere saying that he is interested in seeing the fight out of curiosity, but not to pay for it.
Calderón, however, said he would have been more interested in the fight if Mayweather fought McGregor in an octagon, where the fighters of the UFC (the most important mixed martial arts organization) fight.
“We know what will happen widely: Mayweather will shoot short, comfortable and avoid being cut, because at the end of his career he will prevent someone from cutting him or giving him a knockout,” he said.
Meanwhile, Puerto Rican Amanda Serrano – the island’s first male or female boxer to be champion in five divisions – also told Efe that she will not pay to see the lawsuit between Mayweather and McGregor.
And although Serrano praised McGregor for daring to fight Mayweather, he assured that the American fighter will “kick the butt” of the Irishman and thus critics will highlight “that the boxing it’s much better “than the UFC.
For Serrano, the boxing «It’s more difficult» than the UFC «because there are more techniques and to win in the UFC you can grab and make keys, but in boxing you concentrate on hitting your opponent in the head and body. ” EFE
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