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Brazilian MMA star Cyborg wants to fight in boxing

Brazilian MMA star Cyborg wants to fight in boxing

Brazilian mixed martial arts (MMA) star Cris Cyborg has her mind set on boxing matches.

He even said he could have a first fight against undefeated champion Cecilia Braekus as a possible opponent when the sporting world gets back to business.

The 34-year-old Cyborg, whose real name is Cristiane Justino Venancio, is the only fighter to hold titles in the top four MMA promotional companies.

Through a video posted on TMZ Sports, he said that “I am training a lot in boxing now.”

He added that “I was thinking about maybe doing my next boxing fight… Cecilia Braekhus and I always talk. But, you know, I’m training. It would be a great fight.

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In the same video he indicated that “I like to challenge myself. I never look for the easy way. I like to train hard and make the best fight as a professional, as well as pleasing the fans.

Cibor recalled that he has competed in “jiu-jitsu, wrestling, MMA, wrestling. I have not had a chance to fight Muay Thai, not boxing either. For me, it will be an honor to fight Braekhus ».EFE

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