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Bunte magazine, convicted of false news about Michael Schumacher

Bunte magazine, convicted of false news about Michael Schumacher

The German justice sentenced to pay 50,000 euros to the weekly magazine Bunte in damages to the former Formula 1 driver Michael Schumacher for having spread false news about his recovery in 2015.
The media chamber of the regional court in Hamburg (northern Germany) found Bunte guilty of violating the private life of the 48-year-old former champion, a victim of head trauma after a fall from skiing in 2013.
In December 2015, Bunte published a headline about the seven-time world champion: “It’s more than a Christmas miracle, Michael Schumacher can walk again.”
“The Court considers that this statement is false,” declared the president of the instance Simone Kafer, alleging that the former pilot still cannot move, which makes it highly unlikely that he could do so in 2015.
The pilot’s family had claimed 100,000 euros in damages, but the court noted that the weekly had done its job of investigating before publishing it. The fine would have been higher if the journalists failed to show that they had inquired about Schumacher’s condition. AFP

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