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Camavinga, from being born in a refugee camp to playing for Real Madrid

Camavinga, from being born in a refugee camp to playing for Real Madrid

Eduardo Camavinga’s life is like a movie. He was born in a refugee camp in Angola on November 10, 2002 and almost 19 years later he will play for the most successful club in Europe, Real Madrid.

Left-handed and 1.82 meters tall, the new signing of Real Madrid, whose contract with Rennes ended in 10 months, is also surprising due to his precociousness. He made his debut in the First Division when he was 16 years old and in the French national team, when he was 17.

Camavinga’s character has been forged by the harsh history of her life. His large family fled the wars in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to take refuge in Cabinda, an Angolan enclave located in the middle of the Congo itself. In a refugee camp in Miconje, Eduardo was born, who has five brothers and one sister.

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Soon after, when the new Real Madrid player was still a baby, they managed to emigrate to France. A brief stay in Lille preceded his stay in Fougères, a small town in French Brittany (north-west).

“We came to flee the war, we had to fight a lot, football has been my way of escaping,” acknowledged the midfielder.

In Fougères, a picturesque city of about 30,000 inhabitants, he began playing football, until in 2013 he was signed by Rennes, one of the main clubs in the region.

Rennes polished their diamond in the rough to make him debut in Ligue 1 on April 6, 2019 in a match against Angers (3-3). He played one minute and was 16 years and 5 months old.

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In the following season (2019-20), already installed in the first team, another milestone. He became the youngest player to hit a goal pass in the French championship, in a win against PSG. He was 16 years and 9 months old.

That season was his consecration, with 25 league games played. In the following season (2020-21) it was consolidated, although it went from more to less, with 35 games, one goal and two assists.

After having been nationalized French a short time before, on September 8, 2020 he made his debut in the senior team, in a victory for France against Croatia (4-2), corresponding to the Nations League.

Another issue for posterity. He became the youngest debutant with France after World War II (1945) at 17 years and almost 10 months.

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In his second participation with the French senior team, on October 7, he already started and scored his first goal, an impressive acrobatic goal that opened the scoring, in a friendly against Ukraine that ended 7-1.

His last match with Les Bleus was on October 14, 2020, in another win against Croatia. Afterwards, he has only been summoned in the lower categories.

In December 2020, Camavinga made a move that could have been key to his arrival in Madrid. He changed his representative. He left Moussa Sissoko and got engaged to Jonathan Barnett, very well connected with the white club’s offices. EFE (HN)

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